Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's August Grandpa :)

So the other night I was doing laundry and all of the sudden I could smell something. At first I thought it was the dryer, but after checking on the dryer and smelling anything but clean clothes, I began to wonder if I was imagining the smell. So I went back to folding clothes. I could still smell something and I was starting to get very warm. I decided to feel the air vent. Sure enough, it was warm air blowing out. I realized I was smelling the furnace when you first turn it on in the winter. So I went and checked the thermostat, it was on heat. I changed it back to cool and set the temperature to what we usually have it on at night and went back to doing laundry.

Above me, I heard Grandpa get and figured he was using the restroom. A minute later, I smelt the furnace again and starting getting warm again. I grab my robe and went up to their bedroom. Grandma was out of the covers and clearly hot and uncomfortable. Grandpa was under at least 3 covers. I asked them why we had the heat on?! Grandma had no idea and was mad because she was 'dying' from the heat! Grandpa told me he just turned it back to cool. I explained to him that I had done that earlier and he just turned it back to heat. He said that he didn't turn it back to heat and that his feet were keeping him up. Sometimes you just have to laugh and add a sign! :)

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