Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Is my face blue?

Because I feel like I am talking till I'm blue in the face and no one is listening. I talk to Grandpa and he either forgets or ignores me. So I put up notes and he ignores them too. I suggested to put in hard wood floor to make it easier for Grandpa to get around. And nothing was done. Now he complains that it's hard for him to push the walker on the carpet. I suggested that we find a senior center for Grandpa to go to during the day for scheduled activities and to socialize with others his age. And all I got was that's a good idea we'll look into it. Now his sleeping schedule is completely turned around. I have now asked for help either from family or bringing in a nurse because it is getting to much for me and Grandma. Honestly he needs to go back to the home, but no one wants that. However they aren't here everyday. He keeps Grandma up all night and has started waking up us. He sleep all morning. He has tripled in size. He is always sick to his stomach. He needs more and more help doing everyday things. And he has gotten really mean. If something isn't done, I won't be able to do this anymore and will have to move out. Then what will happen?

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  1. This has got to be adding more stress on Grandma's heart as well. Especially with her not getting enough sleep. But I've never had an opinion in this family, so I don't think anything I'll say will account for much.